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Rebel fighters from Liwa al-Tawhid brigade, part of the Islamic Front. Fire an improvised “Hell Cannon” in #Aleppo #Syria. Our doc “Ghost of Aleppo” will be out next week. Link to the full photo story https://news.vice.com/article/in-photos-embedded-with-the-islamic-front-in-Aleppo @vicenews
The shot up car that was mysteriously hit with automatic fire on Sunday night. It was on the road heading into the centre of Mariupol. @vicenews
Deserted Ukrainian dug out overlooking the Sea of Azov. The position was at a children’s summer camp in Shyrokyne, Ukraine, which had been used by Ukrainian forces as a base before they retreated to Mariupol earlier this week
As heavy artillery fire struck Mariupol’s Eastern checkpoint, breaking yesterday’s ceasefire. A car was mysteriously hit with automatic fire on the road heading into the centre of town. @vicenews
A Ukrainian solider, call sign ‘Chekh,’ shortly after heavy separatist artillery fire hit a checkpoint on Mariupol’s Eastern perimeter. Breaking yesterdays ceasefire. @vicenews
The kitchen of a summer camp in Shyrokyne a day after the ceasefire in Ukraine took effect. The camp was being used as a base by the Ukrainian military and was heavily shelled. @vicenews
A disabled Ukrainian tank In eastern Ukraine a day after the ceasefire took affect. @vicenews
Early mornings… Floating away…
A PKK fighter looks out at a IS position, In Kirkuk Iraq. Kurdish and IS positions are in some place just a few hundred yards from each other. @vicenews
Guerrilla fighters of the PKK In Kirkuk Iraq. They have moved into the region to support the Kurdish peshmerga fighting IS. @vicenews